torn hearts

The beauty in a heart torn is more than what remains to — Beat on. It is the also and more so in the spacious mysterious openings — The tender gouges through which the soul can  — Breathe freely. Read the everyday aha that corresponds to the art experience of the torn hearts (created for Valentine's Day in 2011 and…

to the more

not a rehearsal, it is said but life — is. is a series of moments each danced in practice for the next. random light illuminates from unfamiliar angles moving us to take off more to be more. divine light pierces our forms rendering them sheer radiance ever reaching changing me, changing you, to the more.


the carapace crowning glory of the incubator where dreams came of age must be shed must be shed and ready dreams gathered in as grapes by harvest moonlight or shrivel shrivel and die die die on the vine so I try.

happy puddles

Ten reasons to love Minnesota --- and especially Lake of the Isles --- on the last day of February 2010. 1.  Puddles are taking the place of icebergs. 2.  People and pets have ear-to-ear grins for complete strangers. 3.  The lake still doubles as a hockey rink --- 4.  --- and a cross country ski…