Lift Up Your Heart

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We are becoming new at all times and in all things. 

Lifting up our hearts every chance we get lets God know we know where Love comes from and that we are open, grateful and willing to live for Love’s sake.

Julie Ann Stevens

As the summer of 2021 came to a close I was invited to hang my work at the Hair District in Burnsville, Minnesota. I put the show together reflecting on the end of a decade of painting which companioned significant changes in my life.

While hanging the work with the Salon owner, I was struck by the sacred encounter that takes place between stylist and client and how my work would somehow be a part of this.

Since the work is disbursed throughout the salon and a client’s view from their stylist’s station would be limited, I imagined someone being able to page through a book with all the artwork and reflections.

The last piece I created in this show was titled “Lift Up Your Heart” so I made it the book’s title. I worked chronologically as I assembled the book and it seemed natural to add more about my process and what was influencing it along the way.

This was a gift to me, and I hope it will be to you as well.