I didn’t think it was possible that a 24-hour retreat could be so relaxing and restorative. It felt much more like several days. From the moment I arrived until the moment I left I felt immersed in loving care which allowed me to go deep rather quickly.

Into Your heart retreat participant

The capacity for creativity is standard issue for every human operating system.

And yet, many who read this will immediately think “not mine,” radically cutting off a powerful connection to insight and support on the path to healing & wholeness.

If creativity and self-reflection are new practices for you, an enormous amount of untapped potential waits to hold you and help you from within.

With the “Into Your Heart” workbook as your guide, you’ll create your own retreat experience from reflections by Julie, working through creative imaging and writing exercises on your own, and sharing with a partner or in the group.

The flow is creative, spacious, and connected.

You will be met and meet yourself just as you are with compassion, acceptance, and the Love that created you and holds all things together.

Julie’s workbook and her facilitation of our time together included so many beautiful touches that said “you matter and we’re glad you are here.”

The workbook for the retreat was a good pump-primer to restart some creative flow in my heart and renew my thought processes in a creative vein.

Julie is an inspired leader.  She forged a cohesive group out of a group of strangers in no time at all and left me, and others I am sure, with life-changing thoughts.

Encouraging. Enriching. Affirming.
Centering. Nourishing. Expanding.
Peaceful. Enlightening. Awakening.