Philosophical question:  Where is the greater pleasure found?  Is it in the doing?  Or in the thinking about the doing?

Both are fun that’s for sure.  But I suppose whether you actually can do something contributes to how much pleasure goes with the doing vs. thinking.

If you can do it, then by God you’re doin it, not thinkin about it.  And if you can’t do it or can’t do it yet, well then thinkin about it as much as you can is a good way to go. 

So you think about it until you can do it, then you do it, and then you think about it after you’ve done it.  Tri-pleasure-fecta.   

The night before Christmas is a perfect tri-pleasure-fecta.  You lay in bed thinking about Santa Claus filling your stocking.  You race down the stairs, rip the packages open and play with your toys.  You fall asleep thinking about how much fun it was. 

Repeat, repeat the sounding joy! 

Author: Julie Ann Stevens

My art flows from the patterns & paths of my lived experience which ⏤ like yours ⏤ are at once deeply personal and entirely universal.

2 thoughts


    Hope you are ready for the BIG GUY. Has my Christmas wish for you come true? Bird in the basket by Christmas.

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