If Carrie was a hen, what kind of hen would she be?

A more difficult question to answer — perhaps — than one might initially think.

How bout we start with broodiness.  How broody would you say she is?

I mean, think about it.   

Writing a column — laying an egg.   Not really too far apart.

Both are introspective, moody, contemplative business.  

Carrie, then — probably what you would call a great brooder.

And, hardiness?

Well, maybe that’s Miranda’s department. 

Or — well — where rooster response is concerned — Samantha’s.

Dutiful, protective mother?  Gotta give that one to Charlotte.

And then we’re on to feathers.  

Fancy feathered without a doubt.   All of ’em.

But in a New York City lookin good even in foul weather kinda way.  

Finally — what about these chicks’ behavior?

Go on — take your peck.

Suited for close confinement?   Easily handled?  A flier?  Prefers the free range?  A good forager?

Jaunty.  Sprightly.  Aggressive.  Friendly.  Haughty.  Noisy.  Docile.

Yep, sex in the city chicks got it covered.

Definitely make for one helluva good hen party.


My art flows from the patterns & paths of my lived experience which ⏤ like yours ⏤ are at once deeply personal and entirely universal.

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