new walk


Ok, it occurs to me that perhaps I was close to the last mind on earth to get word of the significance of 080808 — and that tells me something about my current state — which has been, well — the best way to describe it is —

‘all taken up’.

What I’m trying to say is that my head and heart, hands and feet, ears and eyes have suddenly found themselves ‘spoken for’ just about 24/7 over the last month and no, I am not ‘in love’ but wait — that’s not altogether true —

Because in a way I am more ‘in love’ with life than I have been in a long long time and some very cool things have happened and are happening to me —

But it’s not a relationship — or ‘the one’ — but if it was, well, that would be something to write about —

or not.

So I’m breathing between the lines more these days, which leaves very little openings for things to zip in and find a comfy place to lounge —

or not.

And, of course, that’s what I need to keep creating.   Need some ‘being’ in addition to ‘doing’, but that’s not going to happen for awhile now, so maybe it’s time to just walk the blog a new way.

Turn it sideways —

and hope for endless possibilities.

Why not?

Author: Julie Ann Stevens

My art flows from the patterns & paths of my lived experience which ⏤ like yours ⏤ are at once deeply personal and entirely universal.

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