ties that bind

I slept later than usual this morning, reluctant to part from the company I was keeping between the sheets —

And yet.

Throw back the sheets, I eventually did —

Breaking company with an old flame — uh, ok —

More like an old —

Hot water bottle.

But — hey.

It kept me warm and I — I needed it.

Believe me, it was hell to let it go.  And, it didn’t happen overnight.   And, yes —

You know as soon as I feel the slightest chill —

I will want to reach for it.  Want to fill it to the brim with steaming hot water and jump back in the sack with it.

But — I won’t.

Nope — because this —

This is the year, you see.  And I’ve got a big strong —

Wind on my side.

A wind to push me away from the moorings and remind me every step of the way in 2009 that this is the year to —

Live free.

Oh, it’s a tall order I know.  And while I’m not lookin’ for someone to keep the shivers away, I don’t intend to go it alone.

In addition to my mighty wind, I am gathering people to me who understand that giving birth is supposed to —

Hurt like hell.

I’m talkin’ about friends who will hold your hands, wipe your brow and let you scream it out —

People who will stand on the other side and cheer you on when the slack in the rope is gone and you decide to tap your reserves and —

not just stretch the cord —

But snap it.

Yes, for me —

This is the year to sever the ties that have been binding me —

And experience true freedom of movement.

Freedom to roam and soar — and most important —

Freedom to return.

Author: Julie Ann Stevens

My art flows from the patterns & paths of my lived experience which ⏤ like yours ⏤ are at once deeply personal and entirely universal.

One thought

  1. Ahhhhhhh, this seems to encapsulate your pledge over our afternoon of knitting & wine. I love it as a reminder to ALL of us, no matter our age or status in life/relationship. 2009 will shine for YOU and those of us blessed to be in your party of friends. XXX

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