aha2: sacred seeds


It’s time to plant seeds —

So I open the pretty packets and liberate the tiny feathers of dark dry has-blooms to —

Become —


With hopeful finger tips, I push them gently into the soil of my longing and —

Tuck them in with faith.

Then water —

And wait.

On day three I decide to take a peek.

But an urban rat beats me to it.

Dirt and dreams of soaring zinnias disturbed, I water again and wait while hedging my bets with an old grade school trick — a second packet of seeds in a row of promising paper cups on the window sill —


With this, I can’t help thinking about how important it is to pair discernment with faith — especially when it comes to our sacred intentions.  The mystery of growth — whether it is self-awareness or a relationship between two hearts — involves both light and dark, roots and shoots, stillness and movement, hanging on and —

Letting go.

Some of what happens is out of our control — and wondrously so!

But a fair amount can be influenced by our attitudes, actions — and intentional presence.  We can bring our sacred seeds inside until they can keep the squirrels away on their own.  We can improve our soil conditions and create healthy space between our roots and the roots of others in our pots.  We can stretch for the light together —

Until it’s time to bloom again.

What are the sacred seeds in your life today?  Do you feel like you are giving them the best conditions possible to bloom?  If not, what will you do differently to nurture them? 

ORIGINALLY POSTED MAY 16, 2011 on everydayahas.com

Author: Julie Ann Stevens

My art flows from the patterns & paths of my lived experience which ⏤ like yours ⏤ are at once deeply personal and entirely universal.

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