therese of lisieux

"therese of lisieux" 8" x 10" watercolor  $90
“therese of lisieux” 8″ x 10″ watercolor

She is known as the “Little Flower.”

I am adding her to my Mystic Hearts collection because I cannot remember whether my confirmation name “Theresa” — selected from a list of saints I was given in 1973 — was for St. Therese of Liseux or whether it really was for St. Teresa of Avila and I misspelled it along the way.

Before starting the painting, I read a little bit about the the little flower and make “littleness” my guiding word.

What I understand is that St. Therese’s wish was to be hidden in this world — as small as possible — and this so this is how I choose to portray her —

A tiny figure with praying hands inverted in the ground where she can more easily “talk to God than about God.”

The fragility I imagine she feels above ground is represented by the translucent balloon heart which I add in slow meditative layers to the horizon.

I remember receiving a blessing from my father more than once that goes nicely with this painting.  I leave you with it now:

“May today there be peace within.
May you trust God that you are exactly where you are meant to be.
May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith.
May you use those gifts that you have received, and pass on the love that has been given to you.
May you be content knowing you are a child of God.
Let this presence settle into your bones, and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, praise and love.
It is there for each and every one of us.”

Author: Julie Ann Stevens

My art flows from the patterns & paths of my lived experience which ⏤ like yours ⏤ are at once deeply personal and entirely universal.

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