none quite as true

There lives a photo in a corner of my life and heart —

A symbol of an important bond — and a tribute to its truth.

The camera’s eye has captured us unaware.   Intently focused on something in the distance.  Heads at similar angles.  Faces wearing similar expressions.

Mine — as usual — is just slightly more intense.

Not exactly the most attractive shot, you might say.  And I’m sure we’d both agree.

But nonetheless.

I am taken with it.  And have been for 25 years.

It brings me back to a time when my younger sister and I shared an apartment, friends and even work.  I was starting over and she was just getting started.

Innocence is the one-word-caption I’d give it now.  Maybe not back then —

But today — there is none quite as true.

And I have to wonder — was that the essential quality that all those years ago drew me to pluck this photo from all the rest?

Was innocence the embedded essence that motivated me to have two copies printed and framed as identical lasting tributes for both of us?

And is this perhaps a clue about how relationships of consequence in our lives ultimately separate themselves from the pack?

Not by relative attractiveness and value, but through sheer innocence?

From our posts behind the lens in life, it is natural — it seems — to work for a sea full of dazzling one-in-a-million shots that exclaim “oh how amazing” —

At the end of the shoot — however — there’s often only one that stands out as true —

True to itself —

And to our deepest sensibilities.

This is often not the shot others would choose — or we might set out to choose —

But there is no mistaking —

Truth in innocence.

Author: Julie Ann Stevens

My art flows from the patterns & paths of my lived experience which ⏤ like yours ⏤ are at once deeply personal and entirely universal.

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