the misfit in me


“This jacket fits weird.   I am small chested and there is way too much room in the chest area but it is a little snug in the hip area.   I am a size 8 and it’s going to be a tight fit when I am wearing this jacket and my ski pants.   If you are a large chested woman with narrow hips, this jacket is made for you. “

This review — written about the Arc’teryx Sidewinder jacket I just bought — which fits me to a tee and I love love love way more than a human should love a thing made of Gore-Tex —

Tells you more than you might want to know about me —

Or perhaps it only confirms what you do  know about me and my “weird” shape — and I’m not just talkin’ about my proportions —

But then again —

Maybe I am.

Because in a way the scale of anything you possess or present or think or do or dream ultimately determines whether you will —

Fit —

Or not.

But thankfully for all of us roaming this planet, too much of something in some crowds is not enough in other crowds and —

Magically —

Mysteriously —

Mystifyingly —

It’s oh so — ahhhh so perrrrrr-fect — o —

In just the right crowd.

Or setting.  Or job.  Or relationship.

Many a matched set has been made from apparent misfits.   And I — for one — am especially grateful for this phenomenon.

Because when the misfit in me meets the misfit in you —

Chances are, we’re a whole lot more real than not —

And I know, without a doubt —

We’re kinder and more tolerant of each others’ spots and —

Square wheels.

Author: Julie Ann Stevens

My art flows from the patterns & paths of my lived experience which ⏤ like yours ⏤ are at once deeply personal and entirely universal.

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